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Articles by Mac Hester, Fort Collins Personal Injury Lawyer

Law Firm Protects Its Clients’ Social Media Privacy Rights, Global Press Release Distribution, December 11, 2012

An Overview of Damages, Trial Talk magazine, October/November 2012

The Admissibility, Disclosure, and Exclusion of Expert Testimony in Auto Cases, Trial Talk magazine, October/November 2009

A Radically New Approach to the Taking of the Deposition of the Defendant in an Auto Case, Trial Talk magazine, October/November 2008.

You Get What You Pay For: The Collateral Source Rule Plain and Simple, Trial Talk magazine, October/November 2008.

The Dirty Lowdown Things That Insurance Companies Do in Med Pay Subrogation in Colorado and How To Deal With Them, Trial Talk magazine, October/November 2007.

A Menu for Objections to Requests for Production in an Auto Case, Trial Talk magazine, October/November 2007.

Overcoming Juror Bias: The Motion for Expanded Voir Dire and Supplemental Jury Questionnaires, Trial Talk magazine, February/March 2007.

A Checklist for Motions in Limine and Admissibility of Evidence in Auto (and Other) Cases, Trial Talk magazine, October/November 2006.

Automobile Insurance Company Dirty Tricks, Trial Talk magazine, October/November 2006.

Model Disclosure of Expert Testimony in an Auto Case: Great Rather Than “Good Enough” Expert Disclosure Drives Settlements and Verdicts, Trial Talk magazine, October/November 2005.

Insurance Claim File Myths Busted (Again) by the Colorado Supreme Court, Trial Talk magazine, April/May 2004.

There is No Such Thing as a Sudden Emergency Defense, Trial Talk magazine, October/November 2002.

Mac Hester is an experienced trial lawyer. He has litigated and tried personal injury and commercial law cases in South Carolina and Colorado since 1986. He has also handled appeals in the Supreme Court of South Carolina and the Supreme Court of Colorado.

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