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Hester Personal Injury Law

Helping You Recover and Rewrite Your Life Story

Everyone has a life story. Your life story was edited without warning or permission when you were injured through no fault of your own. Right now, your life story may be one of injury, pain, difficulties with work or the activities of daily life, medical bills, the hassle of dealing with insurance companies, and an uncertain future.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. And you don’t have to go it alone.

Personal injury attorney Mac Hester can help you

RECOVER money damages from the at fault party or his insurance company to pay for your car repair or replacement, your medical bills, your lost income, your pain and suffering, and your lost ability to engage in and enjoy the things that give real value to life – things like sports, hobbies, playing with your children or grandchildren, and pursuing your dreams.

REWRITE your life story from one of injury and pain to one of healing and recovery and from one of fear and uncertainty to one of hope and stability and growth.

Colorado Personal Injury Attorney

Hester Personal Injury Law has recovered millions of dollars for clients in Fort Collins, Loveland, Boulder, Longmont, Greeley, Northern Colorado, Denver, and throughout Colorado helping them to get back on their feet and back on track with their lives.

Free Consultation and Case Evaluation

If you are wondering if you have a case or what your case is worth, then attorney Mac Hester will meet with you free of charge to discuss your situation and evaluate your case, and he will be happy to meet with you at your home or another location if that is most convenient for you.

No Fee Until We Win Your Case

You do not have to pay any fees up front or prior to us recovering money for you.

Other People, Other Stories

Read our clients’ success stories.                                                         Read Mac Hester’s story.

Get Started on Rewriting Your Life Story Today

Starting is the hardest part – whether it’s a new job, relationship, business, or story. And we’re here to help. We will recover the money you need to rewrite your life story.

Help me rewrite my life story.

A Commitment to Justice

Mac Hester is an experienced trial lawyer. He has litigated and tried personal injury and commercial law cases in South Carolina and Colorado since 1986. He has also handled appeals in the Supreme Court of South Carolina and the Supreme Court of Colorado.

Fort Collins Personal Injury Lawyer

When you are injured in a car accident, our experienced personal injury lawyer will work with you and for you on an individual, personal basis to solve your real life problems like getting your car repaired, getting a rental car, getting access to medical care, and getting your medical bills paid.


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