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Motorcycle riders often suffer serious injuries in motorcycle crashes because the motorcycle does not provide any protection to its riders in a crash, whether the crash is a single motorcycle crash or a collision with an automobile. Additionally, the risk and incidence of brain injuries – and fatalities – increase dramatically when the rider does not wear a helmet.

There are many ways that motorcycle riders get whacked by inattentive or rude motorists, including:

Cars pulling out in front of a motorcycle because the car driver just “did not see” the motorcycle;

Cars turning into the path of a motorcycle because the driver, not seeing an oncoming car, assumed that there was no oncoming traffic;

Cars sideswiping or veering too close to motorcycles causing the rider to crash or causing the motorcycle to run off the road;

Cars following too closely;

Cars rear-ending motorcycles.

Injured motorcycle riders often don’t get a fair shake after they have been injured. Many drivers frankly don’t like motorcycle riders because of their biases and fears. And unfortunately this attitude is sometimes shared by law enforcement personnel. Consequently, motorcycle accidents should be swiftly and thoroughly investigated so that accurate evidence can be obtained. You should consider retaining an attorney to track down sources of coverage for your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. Sources of coverage and compensation may include the at fault driver’s liability insurance or the rider’s own insurance. And, you should consider hiring an attorney that rides. Attorney Mac Hester rides a Triumph Bonneville T100 and vigorously pursues motorcycle accident claims.

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Mac Hester is an experienced trial lawyer. He has litigated and tried personal injury and commercial law cases in South Carolina and Colorado since 1986. He has also handled appeals in the Supreme Court of South Carolina and the Supreme Court of Colorado.

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