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Automobile drivers don’t pay much attention to bicyclists and the result can be devastating to the bicyclist, as bicycles and helmets provide very limited protection against injury in an automobile/bicycle accident.

There are many ways that bicyclists get whacked by inattentive or rude motorists, including:

Cars turning into the path of a bicycle because the driver, not seeing an oncoming car, assumes that there is no oncoming traffic;

Car drivers or passengers open car doors into the path of oncoming bicycles;

Cars sideswiping or veering too close to bicycles causing the cyclist to fall while avoiding the car or causing the cyclist to run into parked cars;

Cyclists getting hit by side mirrors;

Cars following too closely;

Motorists not giving enough leeway to children on bicycles (A child’s bike riding may be unpredictable and an adult should be watchful for the child’s unpredictable riding).

Injured bicyclists often don’t get a fair shake after they have been injured. Many drivers resent bicyclists because they feel that bicyclists flaunt traffic rules that they have to follow. And unfortunately this attitude is sometimes shared by law enforcement personnel. Consequently, auto/bike accidents should be swiftly and thoroughly investigated so that accurate evidence can be obtained. And you should consider retaining an attorney to track down sources of coverage for your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. Sources of coverage and compensation may include the at fault driver’s liability insurance or the bicyclist’s own Medical Payments (Med Pay) insurance or uninsured/underinsured motorist (UIM) insurance.

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